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Luminita DANES

Head of Office for Vocational Counselling, National Agency for Employment – Ministry of Labor, Social Solidarity and Family - Romania
She has been working in the field of career counseling provided in public employment services sector since 1998.
At the beginning she worked as an expert inside the Ministry of Labor, cooperate with others experts to design a counselling policy within the World Bank Project „Information and Career Counselling” aiming to establish a network of career counselling centers within three institutions: National Agency for Employment, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Youth. Starting with 2001, she is coordinating the national career guidance and counselling centers network inside the National Agency for Employment.
She holds a M.A. in Public Administration with specialization in career counselling, at Bucharest University.


Dr. Mihai JIGAU

PhD in Psychology
Head of Department for Educational and Vocational Guidance in the Institute of Educational Sciences - autonomous research body of the Ministry of Education. Coordinator of the National Resource Centre for Vocational Guidance (Euroguidance Romania). Member in the Advisory Board of the International Journal for Educational and Vocational Guidance (IAEVG). Vice-president of the National Association of the Educational and Vocational Guidance (ANOSP) Romania. Fields of professional interest in research: Guidance and counselling in the national curriculum, Evaluation of guidance practitioners and guidance organisations, ICT skills and career counselling for adults. Institutional participant in European projects.

Professor Dr. Ioan JINGA

Professor Dr. Ioan Jinga, Head of "Preparation of Teaching Staff" Department, Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest.
Associate Professor at University of Bucharest (Faculty of Psychology and Sciences of Education).
Specialization areas: Management of Education, Sciences of Education, Educational Assessment, Adult Education, Teaching Supervision.





Associate Professor Dr. Fidan KORKUT

Associate professor in Counseling and Guidance Department at Hacettepe University, in Turkey. She earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology at Hacettepe University, a master’s and doctorate degree in Counseling and Guidance at Hacettepe University. She has been working about counseling since 1984. During the January 2002- May 2003 term, she worked in University of North Carolina at Greensboro as a visiting professor. She is interested in prevention, wellness, counselor education, communication skills, aggression, coping, career counseling etc. There is only school counseling in Turkey so she works school based activities.
She plans to presentation about career counseling in the school system and how is career counseling education in the counseling department in Turkey, as well.





Professor Dr. Gheorghe TOMSA

Professor at University of Bucharest, Faculty of Psychology and Sciences of Education.
The initiator of the first Romanian Counseling class at the graduate level, in 1995.
He teaches Psycho-pedagogical Counseling, Career Counseling.
The head of the School Counseling Master’s Program within the University of Bucharest.





Senior career counselor of BeiSen Management Technologies Co., Ltd.
Yangkai is presently engaged in career development for individual and employee, research and development of interrelated project and training.
As a GCDF and GCDF instructor certified by National Career Development Association (NCDA) , she participated in the localization of GCDF authentication. She received M.A. in psychology of counseling and therapy at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.
She has been a senior telephone psychology counselor as a volunteer for the famous non-profit institute -Youth Hotline in China for 9 years. She was the ex-director.

The status of GCDF promotion in China

The status of career development in China, and the background of the introduction of GCDF authentication. The challenge of the localization of GCDF authentication, such as the situation of labor market, the running of the career center. The thinking and harvest of initial GCDF training in China. The outlook and challenge of GCDF in China.


Senior career counselor of BeiSen Management Technologies Co., Ltd.
She is currently working in career counseling, career development training, career development consultant for employee, and assessment servicing. She takes charge of the investigation and exploration about BeiSen on-line career development system. As one of the earliest practitioners in career counseling in China, she has been engaged in career development and assessment field since 1999.
GCDF, GCDF instructor, one of the persons participating in the localization of GCDF authentication. MS in the Institute of psychology, China Academy of Sciences



Gergana Rakovska

Deputy COP
USAID Labor Market Project


In the Bulgarian society there is an increased awareness regarding the need for career guidance and development. There is increased demand within the Bulgarian youth for career guidance and development. The statistics shows that with an average unemployment rate for the country in 2004 of 12.64% , approximately 40% of the unemployed are up to 30 years-of-age. Young university graduates rarely find work related to their university major due tio the fact that employers generally seek employees with work experience but fail to provide adequate internship or other programs. Over the last few years various donor programs and private institutions have been working hard for the purpose of creating better opportunities for career and professional guidance. One of the best examples in this respect is the company JobTiger LTD ( www . jobtiger . bg ). For the last six months the efforts of the USAID Labor Market Project are also oriented in this direction through various initiatives such as a National Internship Program, development of career centers within Universities, certification of career development consultants.

The report will present the experience of the two above mentioned institutions with respect to career development in Bulgaria as well as their current and future initiatives related to the creation of career centers, the organization of internship programs, career and internship days, maintenance and administration of on-line portals for seeking/offering of internships and jobs. To better illustrate the current situation in Bulgaria a brief presentation will be made of the major labor market indicators of the country as well as the results of a research carried out in the first half of 2004 by initiative of J.E. Austin Associates ( ) and the Center for Education Development on the topic of ‘Ten bridges on the way to labor force competitiveness ( Input of the private sector to the education reform ) ’. In conclusion we would review the measures that the universities and the business need to undertake in order to improve the status quo by means of creation of sustainable career guidance mechanisms in universities.

Gergana Rakovska has been working for different USAID projects since 2001. Since 2003 Gergana Rakovska holds the position of deputy chief of party of the USIAD Labor Market Project and manage s its major component – the National Internship Program . Before that she has worked in the field of pension and health insurance. Gergana holds two MA degrees – in Computer Science and Social Insurance, now she works on he PhD in Social Insurance. She has specialized Risk Management and Insurance at the Georgia State University, Atlanta USA



Rayna Dimitrova

Senior advisor
USAID Bulgaria

Ms Dimitrova has been working with the US Agency for International Development Mission to Bulgaria since 1998. Initially she was responsible for USAID/Bulgaria portfolio of activities providing technical assistance for the banking sector reform. Subsequently, her portfolio was significantly expanded to include various other activities - pension reform, labor market reform, health finance reform, etc. Prior to joining USAID, Ms. Dimitrova spent 7+ years at the Bulgarian National Bank (the Central Bank of Bulgaria) where she was responsible for all aspects of human resource management - recruitment, selection, staff training and development, performance appraisal etc. Ms Dimitrova has two Master's degrees - in Computer Science and Economics, as well as a Ph.D. in Human Resource Management.

Svetozar Petrov

Operations Manager Job Tiger LTD


Svetlozar Petrov has been working as an Operations Manager of JobTiger since 2000. Before that he has lived and worked in Austria in the construction field and later on in Bulgaria for the National Electric Company as an IT Specialist. He has studied Construction Engineering in the Bulgarian University of Architecture, Construction and Geodesy and in the Austrian Technical University - Vienna.





Dipl. Betriebswirtin Antje Thust

FH Frankfurt - University of Applied Sciences

Antje Thust (27) has studied in Paris, Frankfurt, and the Netherlands, and graduated at FH Frankfurt in International Finance and Law with a thesis on entrepreneurship training. She has worked in marketing and consulting jobs in start-ups as well as in assisting positions in the management of big construction sites. Now she is an employee of the Institute for Entrepreneurship of FH Frankfurt and also concerned with Assessment Centers to measure managerial skills and teaching of JobPromotors (Career Facilitators).



Dr. Barbara Weissbach

IUK Institute Dortmund

Worked at universities in pedagogical and sociological research projects as well as in adult education. Since 1996 general manager of IUK institute, Dortmund (Germany), a private institute in consultance and research. She was leader of several national and transnational projects of the European Community. Her main activities: management trainings and coachings, team development, diversity and intercultural trainings, further education / training in Change Management and Job Promoting (career counseling and guidance). Her clients are managers and employees in companies, ministries, participants in trainings. She feels her work deeply impressed and shaped by ethnology, history of culture and organizational psychology.





Prof.ssa Angela Perucca

Prof.ssa Angela Perucca

Angela Perucca is a Professor in General and Intercultural Pedagogy at the Humanities Faculty of Lecce University, Italy. She is member of AURAC (Associazione Universitari per la Relazione d’Aiuto e il Counseling) and also a founding partner of SIRD ( Società Italiana di Ricerca Didattica ). She is currently working on a large government funded research project focused on the benefit of work experience and apprenticeships for the quality of university curricula. She is a psychologist and she is in charge of the FSE financed SOFT Project for Vocational an Tutoring Services at the University of Lecce. In her writings, she emphasizes the importance of a systemic approach in career counseling strategies. She has an extensive research background on the relational dynamic genesis in education, Prof. Perucca’s publications include: L’orientamento fra miti, mode e grandi silenzi (printed in Italy ) and Genesi e sviluppo della relazione educativa ( printed in Italy and in Argentina).